“Not perfect, not seeking perfection, just trying to become better than who I was yesterday”.

Free writings and poems. Not all of what I write do I believe 100%, I’m just thinking. Especially when it comes to metaphysics/spirituality/philosophy. But I’m an ambivert, passionate, and don’t back down. Human, animal, tattoo, and nature lover (selective on the human part). I’ve read a lot of books, watched tons of movies, but no longer watch tv and learned most of what I know the hard way. This site is open to all, no consistent trolling or over abusiveness.. A little shit is cool. Rest will be blocked. I also give advice so inbox one of my accounts and if I like the question I’ll reply via posting on social media when I have time.

*The writings, poems, photographs, drawings, and all other creative content on theantimaterialist.com were created by and are owned by me (w.e.c.) unless otherwise stated.*

W.e. Chamberlain / TheAnti-Materialist


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