#2015 predictions

These are just some of my 2015 predictions…

-War in Egypt.. And an overall increase in armed conflict throughout the Middle East .

-Further sanctions against Iran and a lead up to war with the Islamic State that will commence no later than 2017.

-More sanctions against North Korea due to fall out with the Sony scandal. NK will take responsibility for the hacks but no retaliation will come as a result. However, there will be a surge in international hacking stemming from the US against foreign targets.

-Russia and China will introduce an alternative market to the US Petro Dollar based on a commodity backed Chinese currency.

-Hillary Clinton will announce her desire to run for president and pick a southern governor as her running mate.

-The Afgan opium export will increase by 20% and the Taliban will also gain in numbers and brutality.

-Iraq will break out into civil war.

-There will be new rules and legislation regarding police brutality and it’s handling of minorities when police contact happens. It’ll be a major talking point for the president as he steps out of office.

-The NFL will also have new rules to deal with all of the abuse and rape scandals it faced in 2014.
Other professional sports associations and leagues will follow suit and do the same.

-Harry Reid will lose his senate seat.

-There will be major replacements in the presidents staff.

-The US and Cuba will begin trade.

-Gas prices will soar by the end of 2015.



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