The New Age of Snake-Oil


Gradually, over the last hundred-plus-years we have witnessed the rise of the New Age. But I’m not eluding to a time of enlightenment nor of a consciousness that reflects a Christ like mentality. This is not an age of spiritualism but of “degeneratism”. We have entered the Age of Snake-Oil. Here the corporations reign supreme and their profits are the “New Age” plethora of gods. The-Materialistic-Buddhist. The-Violent-Christian. The-Unjust-Muslim. The-Unmoral-Jew. The-Unethical-Atheist. Are all “one” under the religion of the “Packrat”. The ideology of the “Super Hoarder Elite”. Bound together with an innate need to dominate. A need to dominate for what they don’t have. A need to dominate others for what they do have. A feeling of “being owed” with no services rendered. The dry cleaner who loses your clothes and still charges you (plus tax). The government that burns down your house then tells you to thank them for the Firemen you paid for.

Public servants should thank the public for the chance to serve. Really, servant is only a nicer word for “slaves with benefits” and when one goes to work for the government they’ve agreed to serve the interest of others. Not their own. Yet, their own can still be served by doing their job justly. But that wouldn’t benefit them to a disproportionate degree and sadly that’s all “corporate cronyism” is about. Domination of others at all cost. Even if it weakens the infrastructure of the host nation. While it’s true, public servants can not be part of corporate cronyism it’s not true in this case. Yes, one is in the public sector and the other private but we live in a quasi-public-private society where people jump back and forth from public to private positions to gain control and manipulate the laws governing them. And In many cases the laws that govern specific groups are written by the same groups in question. It’s akin to letting McDonalds decide the American diet. I’m sure they’d come to the conclusion we should all be eating McD’s more. Which would be awesome for them but not so hot for the nation when most of us become overweight. Now, I’m definitely thankful for modern medicine but does that mean I think we should let the Drug Companies tell us how to live healthier? Unequivocally No. Of course it would only involve us consuming more of what ever it is they’re selling. Coupled with what ever needs to be consumed for the side affects of their help.

The need for higher profits and consumption is driving smaller companies out of business. The insatiable hunger for “more” is eating away at the fabric of society like an “economic moth”.Yes, it’s an imperfect society but one that was built around a mix of small business, large corporations, and smaller corporations that arose to support the bigger ones. Similar to the Great American Auto Industry and the “need” they gave birth to. That “need” eventually dictated actions that were detrimental to the well being of all the businesses involved and consequently the sealing (or better yet the “closing”) of their fates. The big guys can take a big loss and move on to a more profitable location. While the rest are left to live and rummage through the crash site for a meager survival. Profit is the main concern how it comes about is of no concern.

It’s gotten to the point where “wastefulness” is a valued trait. Where the best “hoarders” have the sex appeal of Greek gods (minus the chiseled body and the addition of a value meal and a Mount Olympus side of trash). At what point have you lusted for too much? The second car, the third? The third pair of shoes, the twentieth? Or is it the point you decide you need what you can’t even use? We’re taught that consuming means wealth and brings us happiness. But in reality over consumption only leaves you with nothing and the more you consume the more you realize how little you have. It’s an empty feeling. The bottomless pit of greed. The Snake Oil that never cures. Lets end with a question.. Is society progressing in a direction that best represents the traits desired in “man” or that of the “packrat”?


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